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Transcultural Translators + Interpreters  Linguists + Writers + Editors​


   When you need the best, experience counts.



To request services. please email José L. Varela-Ibarra or text (859) 248-6308

 To list a job with us, please go to

Translators & Interpreters Careers


Professional Team

  1. Translators and Interpreters
  2. Judiciary Interpreters and      Translators
  3. • Healthcare Interpreters
  4. • Escort Interpreters
  5. • Guide Interpreters
  6. • Literary Translators
  7. • Proofreaders
  8. • Copywriters
  9. • Localization
  10. • Sign Language Interpreters

Areas of Expertise

  1. . Agricultural
  2. • Architecture
  3. • Automotive
  4. Educational
  5. • Engineering
  6. • Financial
  7. • Human Resources
  8. • Immigration
  9. • Legal
  10. Literary 
  11. • Marketing
  12. • Medical
  13. • Military
  14. • Scientific
  15. • Websites


I primarily work with English and Spanish. Our team member work  with most common other languages: German, Japanese, French, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, etc.  In addition, given our extensive worldwide network, we are able to find for you translators and interpreters in the most rare languages.​ 


Legal, medical, business, literary, scientific, whatever the contents, the language or the cultural context of your document, we can find you the right translator for your job.


Consecutive, simultaneous, team interpreting, whatever the languages, the topics or the settings, we will find the right interpreter or interpreters to meet your needs.

Teaching & Coaching

We are available to teach a class, facilitate a seminar or workshop, conduct small group o one-on-one exam preparation or coaching.

During pandemic, remotely.

Editing & Publishing

We will edit or proofread your manuscript or translation, publish your glossary, manuals, books or other texts We can also sell them for you on the TLC website, blog and newsletter..

Creative Writing

When what you require is a recreation of a text, for an ad, a marketing campaign or a literary text, we will find you the best other language writer for such a delicate assignment.

Cultural Training

We will conduct group or individual culture-specific training for clients who will be working in other countries or interacting with colleagues of diverse cultural backgrounds.

Services Pricing