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   When you need the best, experience counts.

We do it with TLC!


Be hired by individuals, companies, and organizations that have bona fide jobs for professionals like you.


• You work for yourself, not for us.

• You are emailed a list of clients and jobs.

• You choose the client and the job.

• You communicate directly with the client

• You set your per word or per hour rate.

• You get paid directly by your client.

• You get fully paid what you and the client agreed on.

• You never have to bid on jobs.

• If you are certified, you are not tested again.

• You never pay extra so your profile is one of 20 or 30 shown to clients first.

• You are never a wallflower at this dance, waiting for someone to pick you out of thousand of freelancers.

You never pay TIA a commission.

You do not have to pay $96 or $149 a year as you do to be listed on the two largest job boards. Here you are part of an elite team of equals. Join us now. Your investment is less than 17 cents a day.


1) Please go to Translators & Interpreters Careers, and become a member.:

2) Email us a one-page profile that includes:


Physical Address

E-mail Address

Website, if any

Translator or Interpreter


Certifications, training


Fields of expertise

Photo (optional)

That is all. It is that simple.

This is not a dating site. You do not wait for a client to browse thousands of profiles and ask if you are available.

You receive jobs alerts by email. If a client has an urgent request, you receive a job alert within 24 hours of the client's listing.

If you think you are the right person for the job, that you have the skills, the language combination, the time, then you contact the client and offer your services.